Thursday, May 5, 2011

Video Blog: Atop the Fourth Wall (AT4W)

Today's review is a newbie-friendly vlog that introduced me to the awesomeness that is That Guy With the Glasses. We'll be taking a look at Atop the Fourth Wall: Where Bad Comics burn. A fun little blog that's rather friendly to comic neophytes as is it to the biggest of comic nerds.

Genre: Comic Books

The Description:
[Note: This is taken from the shows theme song]
"Welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall where bad comics burn.
Linkara is going to teach you all a lesson you won't learn.
Grotsky you're not the smartest, Liefeld you're not an artist.
Anyone whose had a bad comic published, it could be your turn..."

The Review:
The thing I enjoy the most about this vlog is that as much as it is about comics (and it IS about comics) it's a vlog dedicated to good, solid criticism. This is a vlog that looks at insane logic, bad artwork, poor continuity and points out why something is just so bad its bad, or why certain plotlines or arcs are just downright infuriating when compared against the characterization of this person or that. He makes sure to give you just enough background so you can follow along without being lost, which makes this very accessible to the general internet viewing public.

This blog isn't about hating on something just to hate on it. It isn't mindless ranting. Heck, he doesn't swear in his blog because he doesn't see a need for it, which I admire, even if I have no problems with swearing in this format.

My major criticism is the serialized story-arc he has running through the show. I get that's kinda of appropriate for the genre and he's clearly having a good time, I just don't find it entertaining. That said, for the most part it runs at the beginning or end of a piece so doesn't bog the show down. The other point of contention is that sometimes it does feel like the reviews can kind of blur together, especially when it come to certain series, but it's easy enough to skip the reviews that you aren't interested in and watch only the ones that catch your eye.

Whether or not you're into comics, this is an enjoyable vlog to watch and I recommend checking it out. The shows do tend to run about twenty minutes so keep that in mind if you're in a rush.

My grade: B

Atop the 4th Wall updates late Monday or Tuesday afternoon on or on Monday afternoons on his own blog

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