Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nail Polish: China Glaze Sea Spray (Winter 2011)

After becoming a make-up junkie I fell back into painting my nails, something I'd largely shied away from for a number of years. Since then I've discovered the joy of crazy colors (you're likely to find me wearing blues, purples, greens and gray more than anything) and that my nails tend to stay healthier painted than not.

China Glaze is probably my favorite brand: they have a huge color selection, formula is generally good and you can find them only for $3/bottle which makes it a great value brand and one that feeds a hobby on the cheap, if it doesn't work out less guilt :D

<b>The Description</b>
"A calming pale blue crème."

This was part of "Anchors Away," their Winter 2011 collection. It's limited edition status might make it hard to find in store there are plenty of online retailers who still carry it.

<b>The Review</b>
This was one of my favorite colors in the huge 12 color collection. My skin tone is both pale and cool (NW15 for MAC-devotee readers) which makes pastels difficult for me too carry off, as all too often they tend to look like colored white out against my skin. 

What stops that from happening here is the grayed-out nature of the color, in the sunlight it isn't so noticeable, but in darker rooms or indirect light the color looks more gray than blue. This gives the color some added depth and makes it a lot more wearable - and unique - than most pastel shades of blue.

The formula on this color was on the thick side, and as is the nature of light shades, a bit streaky. It was almost a one coater, but not quite. Two coats was perfect.

If you rock cool tones, like blues and/or the grayed out color trend, this is a no-brainer. Find it, use it, love it.

My grade: A-

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