Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Event: Company Bowling Party

Okay, okay.

In hindsight this is a silly idea, but it seemed okay at the time (well, at the time I was thinking more the bowling -alley- but what can you really say about an alley?) and I'd rather save my first make-up review for when I'm bit more awake and can swatch in daylight.

Genre: Real Life

Description: A company bowling party at Pinz. 2 games of bowling, shoes, and food catered by Jerry's Famous Deli.

The Review
Company gatherings are always a crap shoot. They can be awesome. They can be lame. They can be somewhere in between. It depends on who goes, how much is spent, and everyone's general mood.

Bowling is also a crap shoot. It can be awesome. It can be lame. It depends on who goes.

Tonight, everything fell into place.

The food was crappy bowling alley food and not from the deli next store, but you know what? No one cared. It was there, right at the beginning, and it was plentiful and it was junk food. Perfect for this kind of event. Even better, big boss bought drinks and they were surprisingly strong - I'd expect something watered down, but no, there was a fair amount of Stoli in there, to the point where I nursed it for a while.

The lanes were a good size too - generally groups of 5-6/lane in the first game 4-5 in the second keeping things moving at a nice pace without being too fast or too slow.

The big thing though: everyone was in good spirits. There was friendly comptetion and rivalries, and at the same time everyone was cheering for each other. There was mocking the manager who brought his own ball and shoes and towel, and clamoring to have him rub the towel on your ball for luck. We even had a peanut gallery of those who came to chill and not play.

As a coworker said, this kind of things is perfect because you can't take it too seriously.

I'd gone more or less expecting to put in an appearance, hang out an appropriate length of time and leave. I really had more fun than I'd planned on.

Sure, the food could have been better, but who cares? The food wasn't point. The point was to spend some time having fun with your coworker.

Final Score: 300 or, in the language of humans: A

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  1. Corporate bowling parties are great. I organized a six-week bowling league at my last job that ended up being a big hit. We made shirts, had good-natured rivalries, and it was nice to see people outside the office. Look forward to more of your reviews during the Blogathon!