Sunday, May 8, 2011

Music: Glam Nation Live (2011)

Adam Lambert came to the public's attention through American Idol. He hasn't quite had the success of some of the winners past, but for coming in second he's still done quite well for himself. He's recently completed a tour in support of his studio album For Your Entertainment, and Glam Nation Live is the concert album of that tour. Included is a DVD of the tour, and a Blu Ray version is due out later this year.

Genre: Pop

Track Listing:
1. Voodoo (Glam Nation Live)
2. Down The Rabbit Hole (Glam Nation Live)
3. Ring Of Fire (Glam Nation Live)
4. Fever (Glam Nation Live)
5. Tribal Segment (Glam Nation Live)
6. Sleepwalker (Glam Nation Live - PCM)
7. Whataya Want From Me (Glam Nation Live)
8. Soaked (Glam Nation Live)
9. Aftermath (Glam Nation Live)
10. Jamming With Lazers (Glam Nation Live) [sic]
11. Sure Fire Winners (Glam Nation Live)
12. Strut (Glam Nation Live - PCM)
13. Music Again (Glam Nation Live - PCM)
14. Meet My Band (Glam Nation Live)
15. If I Had You (Glam Nation Live)
16. 20th Century Boy (Glam Nation Live)
17. Until Next Time... (Glam Nation Live)  

The Review:
One thing I always struggle with when going to see major acts live is how disappointing it can be to hear some artists live: they may sound good, but the rarely sound as great as they do in the studio. Adam Lambert may be one of the rare artists where he sounds even better live than he does on the studio, when he can just let his amazing voice soar. In fact, if it weren't for the crowd noise you'd eve

The concert does a good job covering the majority of the album (anything left out you probably won't miss), but my favorite has to be his cover of Ring of Fire - I loved it on Idol, I love it even more here. His voice caresses the song, it's seductive, you get that sense of how the drugs could just wrap themselves around you and entice you until you're hopelessly addicted.

The album does drag in places such as "Meet the Band," those kind of segments are even less interesting outside concert environment than they are when you're there and "Jamming with Lazers" because, you know, when you're listening to an audio  CD you can't -see- the lasers meaning you just get several minutes of the band playing. Your mileage may vary.

Over all, this is a very solid album that if you have any interest in pop music should make you at least interested in his work - if not to go see him live.

My Grade: A-

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