Monday, May 9, 2011

TV: Screen Test (True Blood S4 Promo)

I'm a Trubie. I'm terribly anxious for the premiere on June 26th, or rather July 5th as I'll be out of town at the time.

Fret not though, HBO knows that #waitingsucks and has been teasing us with bits and bobs since March 5th, the day of the True Blood Panel at Paley Fest. No one knows how to cater to (yet drive us crazy) fans better than HBO. This latest bit debuted after the Lady Gaga concert on Saturday.

Genre: Drama, Supernatural

The Description:
Who needs a description when you can just watch it instead?

Although this is one of the first real previews that doesn't actual hint at or allude to or spoil anything, I still think it's one of my favorites. The music "The Trouble Blues" sets the tone perfectly: there's a heavy air that surrounds this video, like you can see the weight of the world on the characters shoulders. This is especially true for Bill, Tara, Sam and Alcide. Others, like Sookie and Eric look contemplative while Lafayette, smoking his cigarette and fixing his headpiece, looks like he's just trying to cope with it all. The only two that kind of seem out of place are Jessica and Pam. Jessica has kind of an odd innocence about her and actually, for that matter, so did Pam, though I think someone said she looked bewildered. Either way, she seemed to lack the gravitas, that worldliness about her that we usually expect to see. I'm sure that the latter two can be explained away by the "Screen Test" theme, but given what everyone else managed to convey and the music chosen, they just seem out of place. That said, it's the kind of thing you really only notice if you watch it multiple times which the casual fan won't and the more diehard fan will forgive.

It's a good promo, captivating in its own right. It does the job: its job is to make you want to watch more and it does it beautifully.

My Grade A

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